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Bottom fishing on the big easy, nice grouper Captain Terry has over 35 years trolling experience...proof is in the catch of this sailfish   Snapper fresh catch of the day sebastian offshore fishing Fishing offshore for king mackerel, where there is one there will be more


Captain Terry WildeyCaptain Terry Wildey

For 40 years now I've been fishing Florida's east coast Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and beyond, which gives me an edge on all other charter boats. I've had the opportunity to fine tune my skills in waters that others may never have the opportunity to fish. I still fish a wreck site here today that I found 30 years ago. My garmin GPS holds 2000 of the 9800 spots I have accumulated over the past 40 years of offshore fishing. This gives me an arsenal of locations to fish! when we are bottom fishing we never sit more than 20 minutes without a nice fish in the box or we are on to another hot spot. Most of my knowledge comes from 20 yrs. of commercial fishing which I have adapted to use in my charter fishing business today. The only thing I have ever done is fish for a living and as I tell people, If you want to have a house built get a man who has spent his life building houses. if you want to charter a boat get someone who has spent his life fishing for a living. After 40 years of looking for fish on depth recorders, I've learned to tell what mark is a grouper or a school of grouper. Furthermore I can tell by how the fish are marking if they are looking to feed. I have a full time mate who is always on top of our customers needs.

Captain Hiram's Marina in Sebastian, FloridaComing to Florida? Plan to spend a day deep sea fishing on The Big Easy you can be confident in finding fish with Capt. Terry Wildey penn gold internationals

We usually start our morning with one throw of the 12' bait net and fill the well with 100 or more live pilchards. This ensures that any fish we come across have little chance of saying NO! from there the rest has little to do with luck. Every thing is being prepared as we rig rods for any possible opportunity that could come in a days fishing.  From Penn gold internationals and shimano tlds for trolling to Penn 6/0 for deep dropping for groupers, Shimano bait runners rigged for live baiting kings, mono leaders for dolphin and sailfish, as well as rods with cobia jigs for that's right the cobia that sometimes only pop up long enough for someone to say HEY! is that a shark and that's all it takes, me and the mate will knock each other down sometimes reaching the two rods we keep ready for that reason. On the Big Easy, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity! The Big easy is a 37 foot custom sport fish. Where most boats today are less than a half inch thick, She's 1 3/8 in thick hand laid fiberglass. Originally built for the Navy. She offers the security my clients deserve, and powered by an 8V53 Detroit. AMERICAN MADE!just like my Harley. That will ensure we will get to the fishing grounds, catch fish and bring em home with a success rate higher than anyone else can hope to have.

We welcome the hard core anglers and love to test their skills by letting them do as much of the fishing as they feel comfortable with from rigging tackle and lines, striking their own fish, or pitching baits to fish that swim up. But we also cater to the first time anglers. We'll work one on one with the anglers to make sure that not only learn what to do, but also why some things will increase there odds on putting fish in the boat. My guest need only bring a cooler of food and drink, at the end of the day we'll fillet and bag the fish so you can take them home.

HOT! This dolphin video will show you my dedication to sport fishing. I litteraly wrestle this big bull into the catch box. Click on the play button to watch the action.


Lot's of offshore fishing action on this video! Check it out by clicking the play symbol.

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Captain Terry Wildey and The Big Easy offshore fishing charters leaves from the docks located at Captain Hiram's Resort in Sebastian, Florida. For more information or to book a day of offshore deep sea fishing call Capt. Terry at (772) 538-1072

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